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If he's wearing too much cologne, express how extra-sensitive your nose is, and ask him to use much less, or none at all. Breath problems can be trickier, depending on whether they're related to food odor or poor hygiene. this is usually a non-issue--but if not, ask if he can be more mindful of his intake before your date, and use breath fresheners when he's with you.

Chlorophyll capsules or tablets taken after a strong smelling meal can mitigate some of this problem. If he has hygiene issues breath is yeasty or smells like garbage , gently tell him his breath is offensive, and gift him a package of dental floss. If he's looking forward to kissing you, he might be motivated to clean up his act. He can't see any of their flaws and becomes outraged if anything negative is pointed out to him, or any questions are raised about how much time or money he spends on them.

Thank you. If you're romantically involved with this man, I'd say you're treading on very dangerous territory! It sounds as if your voiced concerns about his kids could be experienced as a personal assault. If your man's narcissistic , he'll be incapable of confronting his own shortcomings, or seeing "flaws" in anyone he views as an extension of himself.

But aside from this, I can't help wondering why you seem compelled to alter how this man spends his time and money. How and when did this become your business?

If not, do you think that changing how he treats his kids will enhance this? Leave it alone, or move on. Dear Shari, I went back to a man I was seeing over a year ago. Well, we know where this is going: I'd had intensive therapy related to boundary issues, and thought I was better. I've recognized that I generally attract abusive men, and worked on my self-esteem issues.

I got back with this guy and he went through his own emotional upheaval, and began saying that I was not 'present. I can't believe that I allowed myself to get to the point where I would argue with him!

Now, in his mind of course, I'm the one with "all the problems. I didn't resort to name calling, tried to be patient and helpful while he wigged out--but gees, after awhile it was too much to bear.

Finally, I just exploded. My business went haywire, and I was so focused on paying my mortgage, that his neediness for sex and attention was too much to accommodate. I need to be solidified in my own skin and better at making choices for myself--I'm 49 years old, for goodness sake!

I've read nearly every article on your site. I met a guy awhile back, who appeared to have clear cut boundaries, and I let him go! Help me break this cycle of dysfunction!!! In my experience, re-runs never work out; after all, you've already seen that movie, and you know exactly how it ends! I think it would be useful for you to reframe your statement about attracting "abusive men"; more accurately, you are attracted to them.

Meaningful inner work can dismantle early 'core' issues, so we're not compelled to repeat them within our adult attachments. In a sense, they're a mirror for us, helping to reflect where we'd benefit from working on ourselves.

I'm sensing an internalized 'critical parent' in your expressions of what you think you "need" to do. Should I tell a romantic interest about my genital herpes diagnosis in the uncertainty stage of a new relationship? This is actually a timing issue, but you're demonstrating solid character and consideration for others, in thinking this through.

There are no absolutes regarding when to have these conversations, but they're never easy. Bringing this up too soon exposes you unnecessarily, and may be more information than a very new romance can handle. Waiting too long can be emotionally wrenching, because there's more on the line in terms of potential loss.

Begin by describing your feelings about broaching this topic; "this is difficult, scary, awkward," etc. Allow for questions, and answer them as best you can. If your friend freaks out , there probably wasn't potential for something beyond the physical. Can you please tell me why so many females are shaving their pubic areas? Being with someone who's shaved makes me feel like I'm with a little girl, not a woman; frankly, it's not an erotic or sensual experience for me.

I'm not even buying men's magazines anymore, because the pictures are of girls who are mostly bare down there! I think women are supposed to have fur on this part of their bodies. Pardon me, but why else would we call them "pussies? Each of us has different preferences in terms of what we consider alluring, but I think you may be speaking for a significant number of males.

Furtively looking through Dad's Playboy magazines during adolescence may have influenced what's erotic to you as a grown man, but it's hard to know exactly what drives sexual proclivities or fetishes. As we mature, we discover what 'sparks' us about another's physicality, and thankfully "there's a lid for every pot.

A woman's pubic hair actually funnels urine away from the body, which can help keep her cleaner. Some men love being with a woman who's clean shaven and insist on it , as oral sex is more pleasurable for them when this area's completely exposed, and their lover s may feel similarly. Others like yourself, want to be with a partner who looks and feels more natural and womanly. For many, it makes no difference either way.

Your reference to pedophilia is intriguing, and could certainly be a topic for debate. Interestingly enough, preferences for or against pubic hair don't seem to be confined to a specific demographic, as I've heard differing opinions from men of all ages on this. Fad and fashion have always dictated personal trends; some of 'em stick, and some don't. Sadly for you, it appears this one's destined to be around for awhile.

Is it true that men become better lovers later in life? In a word, yes. More accurately, there's greater potential for it. Sexual changes occur as we age, due in part to decreasing hormone levels. In our youth, relationships are primarily driven by sexual attraction--later on, we tend to look for additional values in a partner that are compatible and nourishing to us.

Men who've navigated this part of their growth successfully, tend to take more time with a lover, have less focus on climax and derive greater pleasure from a variety of sensual and intimate aspects of sharing, besides intercourse. This means, the entire experience takes on richer dimensions that make it more fully satisfying and intense mature women may crave this as well. Vasodilators like Levitra, Viagra, Cialis, etc.

Others realize it's the quality of connection they share with a partner that matters most, and allow themselves to respond naturally to those feelings. Shari, I'm dating a man in his late fifties who keeps asking for my input on dressing himself. At this age and with a closet full of Armani , it's doubtful he's lacking confidence in this area, and he does just fine when I'm not there to help him! At first, I was flattered he valued my opinion and admired my style sense, but this has gone way beyond occasionally asking which tie goes best with a suit.

Frankly, it's becoming a turn-off. I mean, what the hell did he do before I came along?? How can I get it across that I don't want this job?! Dear Stuck, there could literally be thousands of women reading this right now, who'd switch places with you in a heartbeat! Nevertheless, your man's behavior repels you, and this should be respected. First, encourage him to trust his own "excellent" sense of style. Second, stop responding with this type of assistance. If that doesn't get his attention, he may need a mother more than a lover.

I'm unable to climax with a woman during intercourse. Other times are no problem, but I'm wondering why this happens. There could be many reasons you're having this difficulty, which is actually considered a form of impotency. If you're practicing safe sex, latex condoms inhibit conduction of body heat and sensations of friction; polyurethane condoms Avanti or a lambskin variety Forex help circumvent these issues, but are only available in a standard size.

You might have some fear or anxiety about getting someone pregnant, or getting too close. Wanting to hold back your orgasm to please a sexual partner is natural and fine, but if you're overly focused on this, you might push beyond the level of physical sensitivity that makes it possible.

All these elements can be influences, but consistent inability to climax inside a woman's vagina may be worth exploring within a therapeutic context. Shari, I recently met a man I felt a unique connection with, and it was thrilling to finally be on the same page with someone I'd met totally by chance!

It seems he felt similarly, and immediately began talking about "our future together. The upshot is, he never called, and I have no way of reaching him. I thought this guy was genuine, but now I'm feeling like a fool. What do you make of this? Ahhhh, chance meetings. These can be delicious, but you really don't know 'who' you're actually dealing with.

A man who 'fast-forwards' is generally not comfortable being in the moment or feeling his way through a situation, which suggests a lack of confidence. He may have been seeking a quick, easy sexual encounter, and you didn't accommodate that fantasy thank goodness. His inability or unwillingness to give you the courtesy of a follow-up call to say he wouldn't be meeting with you again, is passive-aggressive behavior that speaks to a lack of emotional development and character.

You're not foolish. You've just met someone who's good at seducing women, but scared of getting close to them; this can stem from unresolved mother issues. I recently met a woman I felt a strong attraction with, and asked her out. After our initial get-together, I asked to see her again and she indicated she didn't feel we were compatible. I was very disappointed by this, and tried to change her mind. It didn't seem like her reasons were substantial enough to avoid getting better acquainted; we live in different worlds career-wise , there's roughly a 15 year age gap she's older , but she said we didn't seem to have enough in common to allow "potential for more.

I feel dismissed without being given a chance, and it seems unfair. What do you think? Dear Dismissed, situations like this are probably not fair.

When our excitement isn't matched by another, a variety of feelings besides disappointment can get triggered; insecurity, unworthiness, self-doubt, etc. An older woman may be more romantically experienced, and have acquired a solid sense of herself and her emotional needs.

This could mean her priorities are very different than yours; she may be interested in building a long-term, meaningful bond with a compatible partner, rather than taking advantage of opportunities for casual dating or sex particularly if her career's gratifying.

Intuitive ability to discern whether a man's capable of meeting her needs could be enhanced at this stage, which saves both of you a lot of time and grief.

Shari, what keeps a man from complimenting a woman he's involved with, or demonstrating that he cares, or values her? It seems the man I'm dating is attracted, excited by me and wants me, but there's alot missing in terms of any thoughtfulness on his part.

Any thoughts? Assuming your guy does care and why would you be with someone who doesn't? if he can't tell or show you how he feels about you, he may be either ignorant or scared. Some younger men don't know how to treat a woman if their social or romantic experience is very limited, or they've never witnessed loving interactions between their parents.

Others of any age may have unhealed childhood wounds, and need a "mommy"; this type of relationship is not inherently reciprocal, so as long as you're willing to give, they're happy to take. A few think that bestowing compliments gives you too much power ; on some level, they're afraid that if they let you know you're beautiful or special, it gives you the upper hand, and you might treat them poorly--or think you can do better, and leave!

This ridiculous notion is bourne out of a deep sense of insecurity and inferiority , and is totally opposite of how women feel and function which brings us back to the ignorance element. You are entitled to feel appreciated and admired by someone you're sleeping with. Shari, my boyfriend of 6 months wants to have anal sex , and I don't! I love sex , am fairly adventurous, and I've been open to all his other requests, but this kind of thing just doesn't do it for me.

He insists I should be more "open minded," so I've asked how he'd feel about being penetrated this way. He's a total hypocrite of course, 'cause there's no way he'd allow it! I've repeatedly explained my reasons for not wanting to do it, but he still keeps trying to go there when we're having sex, which takes me out of the mood and makes me mistrust him!

His constant pestering is getting on my nerves, and we've been arguing. How can I get him off my back no pun intended!? Well my dear, I think a lot of women have been wondering just when and how the term "open minded" became a euphemism for "must like anal sex" and isn't that a logistical contradiction?

Sexual experimentation within an ongoing relationship can help keep it exciting and fresh, but both parties must feel at ease with trying something new, and agree that either can pause or stop the activity if they experience discomfort of any kind. We all have different pleasure, pain and erogenous zones, and we're entitled to have these respected.

It seems your guy may have control issues , and in my mind some questions beg to be asked: 1. If anal sex is so important to him, why did he wait until now to approach this topic with you, rather than exploring it verbally at the onset of your relationship?

If you had given into this, what might he 'need' from you next? Why is your "boyfriend" being persistently unresponsive to your feelings and needs? Bottom line pun intended! plenty of females find anal stimulation and intercourse extremely arousing and pleasurable--and with any luck, they'll hook up with partners who appreciate that.

As for your boyfriend's current fascination with 'rear-ending' you; tell him to lay off , or you'll be tempted to suspend his 'regular' parking privileges!

Hi Shari, I'm up against a really frustrating issue! Several months ago I began seeing a man whom I like a great deal. In the past few weeks, we decided to forego using condoms, because neither of us wants to date others, and we're ready to be sexually exclusive.

Our most recent contact has felt even more intimate, intense and wonderful than before, but I've been suffering with yeast infections ever since! As soon as I recover using over-the-counter medication for a week I get it all over again as soon as we make love. I've never had this problem before, and I'm baffled by it and very discouraged. My boyfriend isn't circumcised, and I'm wondering if this has anything to do with my body's reaction. Am I allergic to him? Hi SL, thousands of women are yeast sensitive, and since your symptoms began several months into this relationship with the only variable being unprotected sex, you may be one of them.

There's a tremendous controversy surrounding this topic to circumcise or not to circumcise , but it seems nobody's talking to women about health concerns related to sex with males who've retained their foreskins!

Some women prefer their men "natural" or uncut and have absolutely no problems with yeast sensitivity. Others have confided that unless their partner fastidiously washes himself with an anti-microbial soap just prior to sex, they'll have a yeast infection within a day or two after contact. Yeast cells multiply rapidly in warm, moist, dark environments like your vagina and all it takes is exposure to a few of them!

Antibacterial soaps destroy bacteria , but are not effective against microbes they're different organisms. Talk with your gynecologist about this issue, and in the interim, try having your boyfriend cleanse with an anti-microbial product such as Summer's Eve Feminine Wash before intercourse or enjoy this together, as part of your foreplay.

Once you've completely cleared up your condition, use condoms for more spontaneous contact, until you feel confident you've found a way to 'circum vent ' this problem. As a final note; if any man you're sleeping with has recently taken oral antibiotics, his semen can cause an imbalance in your vaginal 'flora' healthy bacteria and leave you vulnerable to yeast growth.

Shari, your insights on soy have changed my life! I was eating tons of soy products; tofu, soy milk, etc. I was dieting and lost weight, but had sexual difficulties, and wondered if I had erectile dysfunction. I cannot take Viagra because I see 'blue' for two days after.

But when I quit soy, my sex drive and performance returned to a good, normal level. Imagine my surprise, to have a rocket in my pocket again! Do you think most men have been alerted to the dangers of consuming soy?

Thanks again! Dear Sir; I am delighted to learn that your sex life has returned! Research has revealed that the plant or phyto- estrogens in soy products can throw a male's testosterone levels way off balance, and diminish his sex drive, motivation and concentration. Also, when men ingest large amounts of soy, it contributes to a 'doughy' rather than muscular body mass, and can present a number of health risks, such as tooth loss!

This happened to a vegan-vegetarian I once knew; he frequently needed dental implants, but sadly never related this problem to soy consumption. Unfortunately, his ability to rise to the occasion was also affected. A little soy is fine on occasion, but a lot has been shown to be toxic for men and women. Kaayla Daniel has done extensive research into health risks related to soy consumption, and wrote a book about it!

Go to; www. com for more on "the dark side of America's favorite health food," and sign up for Kaayla's newsletter. Shari, I've been dating a great guy in his late fifties, and I'm growing increasingly fond of him.

We've recently started getting physical as a result of feeling closer, but it seems he has difficulty getting hard or maintaining an erection. I've begun to question whether he finds me attractive enough. Intercourse has always been my favorite part of lovemaking, so this worries me a little.

I think we have enough 'good stuff' to at least contemplate a future together--but frankly, I'm afraid to invest myself more deeply because of this issue. I imagine this is a sensitive area for him, and I'm not sure how to approach discussing it or whether I should!

but the longer this goes on, the more awkward it feels not to. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. There are many reasons for ED erectile dysfunction in a man this age, and performance anxiety can be one of them impotency is frequently a state of mind.

Do not take this personally; if you weren't appealing to him, he wouldn't be spending time with you. Men experience a decline in testosterone as they age, and this impacts sexual spontaneity this can happen as early as one's mid-thirties. Understanding that your man might be needing a bit more sensual foreplay without expectation to perform can usually rectify this problem. Typically, men get to their feelings through sex , and for women it's the other way around.

When a male bonds emotionally before sexually , bridging to physical closeness can be psychologically challenging. The reasons for this are simple; you've already begun to matter to him and he's overly concerned with pleasing you or he's feeling emotionally vulnerable, which is a little scary for him. You haven't mentioned health issues, but these can definitely impact sexual performance.

If your guy's taking blood pressure medication, ED is a fairly common side effect. Doctors may be reluctant to prescribe vasodilators; Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc.

Penile injury or circulation problems related to Diabetes, heart disease or other health concerns can also inhibit erectile function. A vasodilator that's self-injected locally into the penis prior to intercourse can circumvent this issue~but while effective, this method is not readily accommodated by most men. It's important he's examined by his internist and a urologist to rule out medical issues.

As a final note, if your man consumes a lot of soy products , these can definitely undermine male hormone balance and contribute to impotency. Play, touch, kiss, talk, laugh and enjoy other aspects of lovemaking. Penetration can be accomplished with other body parts or 'reasonable facsimiles' purchased from a sex shop.

With a little guidance, you can help him learn how to satisfy your needs, while taking the pressure off performance. Have this be a sensual time for the two of you, and you may both be surprised at what comes up! I noticed an attractive woman at the supermarket today and as luck would have it, she turned up right behind me in the checkout line.

She seemed very open and friendly, but I couldn't tell if she was interested or not. I was hard on myself driving home, because I never know what to say or do in these kinds of situations, and this probably has me missing out on romantic opportunities. Do you have any tips for a guy like me? Speechless in L. Dear Speechless, if you were from the east coast, it's unlikely I'd be receiving this letter. Apparently, Los Angeles men are reluctant to approach women, and the reasons for this are multi-layered, but first things first: You need to know that the more beautiful a woman is, the less she's approached!

While beauty can be intimidating, too many men assume a female will resent the 'intrusion' or she's already spoken for--but this kind of thinking will have you spending the rest of your days alone in your cave. If you're attracted, carry on a little banter or small talk especially if she's initiated an opening and pay attention to her eye contact and body language. Unless she's like a lot of women in L. who've had to become aggressive in this mating dance with men, she'll wait for you to initiate further contact.

Ask if you can phone her, and meet for coffee or cocktails sometime very soon. If she's hesitant to give you her number, offer yours--but most women these days have a business line or voicemail they're comfortable sharing with you. Do not wait a week before calling so you can seem 'cool' , because any woman with any brains and self-esteem will see right through that, and you'll have already shot yourself in the foot!

Don't think beyond coffee or cocktails; see how that goes, and decide if there's enough mutual chemistry to set another date. Sometimes regardless of visual attraction there's not enough of a spark to ignite a flame, and that's nobody's fault.

Maybe there's room to explore a friendship and maybe not, but you're only out the price of a couple of Starbucks. This approach takes practice; just promise yourself you won't let the next one get away so easy. I've been seeing a woman I'm nuts about for roughly 7 months.

She's amazing; talented, smart, worldly, successful, vivacious and great in bed. The trouble is, I get the feeling I'm just a 'fling' for her, and there's really no future in this deal. When I talk about wanting more time, attention, commitment and sense of continuity in our relationship, she either changes the subject or details how she thinks we're incompatible.

My bullshit barometer keeps telling me that no matter what I do or how much I change, it's not gonna make a difference in my shot at a future here. I don't know what to do, as for all intents and purposes, I see her as the 'perfect' woman for me! Boy Toy. Dear Boy Toy: When a man wants to share his heart with a woman, he needs to pay particular attention to her capacity for connection, compassion and humanity. He should also look at her romantic history; what kind of relationships she's chosen in the past, how long they've lasted, and their interpersonal dynamics.

Assess whether the two of you share similar goals for this relationship--or are you trying to fit square pegs into round holes? If you have a high threshold for the feelings this invokes, it's extremely likely you had parallel experiences in childhood, and still carry those wounds. There's an old saying; If you wanna know what you want , look at what you have. Painful , negative experiences are easier to repeat than positive ones, because on some level, they're familiar to us we already have that road map.

If you're looking to give your heart along with the rest of you find someone who can treasure it, and return your interest. Shari, what is it with men? I recently met a guy I seemed to have a nice mutual connection with, and after a couple of phone conversations we decided to meet.

I was attracted, but my intuition picked up on issues that made me seriously question whether we had potential for a relationship.

Welcome to the Flirthut dating forum and singles chat for all things dating related. Members and guests can use our forum freely - you don't have to register to access or contribute to any part of our forum. All posts are fully moderated before they appear online - for obvious reasons.

We will endeavour to limit what we correct, but for the benefit of all our users, grammar and spelling will be corrected where appropriate. Postings with lots of errors will be ignored. Keep it clean, constructive and informative and it'll show up once we've checked it!

If you're not a member, you can leave an email address optional so that we can contact you when your post or comment has been published. Online dating has been steadily growing now for many years particularly with people who are having to work longer hours and are finding less time to socialise and meet people outside.

Dating online can be very effective and statistics are showing that more and more people are getting married with partners they have met online. The dating world can raise all sorts of questions and our forum is here to try and help make it a little easier to ask them. For dating tips, please visit our dating tips section to make your online dating experience more satisfying. So if you have a questions, or perhaps you have some advice to offer, you should be able to find the relevant topic for your query in our forum.

To submit a new post, please select the relevant category, then select the add a new post option. One of my best friends had asked me during our regular conversation "Is there a drama-free relationship"? My answer was if by "DRAMA" you mean a partner being distressed when you show a lack of concern or an attempt or admiration, then no, there are no relationships where your partner has zero hope or wants of their own.

After some time people start to feel neglected and disappointed. They have expectations of what companionship should be like, and this is not what they'd hope hoped for. Posted by: strthawk United States, Lilburn Posted: Most were when I was working for a major corporation and travelling on business across the USA, many other casual encounters occurred while I was relaxing on vacation, usually in a tropical southeastern state.

I harbor very good memories of a visit to Durango, Colorado, way back in '77 or ' While on an extended stay at a Posted by: Love2eatin United States, Indianapolis Posted: Internet and social media came as the second flooding of the Earth to leave all it's people surfing in the sea of never ending temptation and opportunity.

Loyalty drowned in this sea and respect floats adrift on a lifeboat named honesty which leaves higher chance of finding Bigfoot in the forest before finding loyalty's ghost in the sea. Broken hearts are self inflicted as we allow it to happen by standing in the line of fire knowing the likelyhood of being shot down. Everyone proclaims thems Posted by: Former member Location unknown, Posted: I've been on this site for quite a while now and have been contacted by a long stream of seemingly attractive young ladies.

Unfortunately, they are not what they seem to be. So, all of these ladies were not what they should be from their really nice interesting profiles. How can this be? Why so few contacts from local women and yet many from Near New York?

It doesn't make much sense to me. The quality of English used is on a very poor level - which is in sharp contrast to the lovely photos on t Posted by: michael United Kingdom, Birmingham Posted: The answer to this question has not yet been found. What a difficult question. There are answers to the most difficult questions in science, mathematics, and science, but what women want and wisdom is still a subject of research.

Books are written about this question, movies are shot, it is the subject of discussion, but unfortunately, there is no answer. Actually, we need to change this question. If you ask why, What Women Want is a general question. What do women want from whom and what? Hello, Uplay here, I am currently looking for advice on, which dating spot is a good place to start?

especially when to do to it, on the appropriate weather. I'm talking of course in a local area or city. For me? there are a few options, but many are restaurant-related which is fine but not ideal in my opinion. Anyway, I'm wondering where to start off on a simple date. Thanks for reading and sorry if I seem dumb for asking this. The following I forgot I am willing to go, is a hiking trail and when met it releases endorphins etc try that explanation We truly do understand your frustration as tackling scammers is something we have had to do since our inception.

Introducing character limits is something that helps. Because we are a small, independent dating site when compared to the more mainstream services, search engines have reduced the priority they used to once give us. This has sadly made it very difficult for us to promote our service and thu My boyfriend whet to a party on Saturday night and when I called, a girl answered the phone. I heard my boyfriend shouting in the background to put the phone down.

I've never cheated on him and I never would, but we don't see each other all the time as we live about miles apart. I love him so much but he's broken the trust that we had. He has apologised and said it was a first time and it will never happen again. I am confused and I don't know what to do, I need advice and I hate feeling lik Posted by: Sadandlonely United Kingdom, Posted: If you could think of 20 questions to ask a girl, what would they be?

Posted by: Rox United States, Posted: I find guys are really immature and I have far better relationships with my female friends. Posted by: jkills United Kingdom, Luton Posted: How long should I wait before I introduce a new man to my children? I have two children aged six and three and I have been dating my boyfriend now for a few months. In that time, we've got very close and I am very much in love with him. Posted by: Helen B United Kingdom, Posted: About About us Our premium service Completely free dating Extended photo galleries.

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These comments can come with legal consequences. I just don't get it! Others like yourself, want to be with a partner who looks and feels more natural and womanly. If you are looking for extra security,…. It's fine to cut someone a little slack, but first dates shouldn't have to feel like "work. I've always believed that we set up our lives the way we need them to be, which is strongly influenced by long-standing subconscious beliefs and fears.

If your guy isn't willing to connect with you in this way, you should anticipate other struggles as well. Don't think beyond coffee or cocktails; see how that goes, and sex forum online dating if there's enough mutual chemistry to set another date. Dear Confused, welcome to the harsh reality of online dating. If you could think of 20 questions to ask a girl, sex forum online dating, what would they be? If typing is not exciting enough, members can start a group call so everyone can do the debate live.